About us

Our Brazilian founder and chef, Cynthia Lopes, moved to the US in 2008, bringing a great knowledge of traditional Brazilian and family recipes and decided to establish Delightery, specialized in bite-size desserts. Under her care, these desserts are made with the best quality ingredients, both traditional and exotic flavors from the Tropics, such as passion fruit, mango, toasted coconut, guava, pineapple.

Delightery desserts and other confections combine quality and creamy centers that melt in your mouth, giving you intense flavor in a single bite. Come discover the best you can find in desserts!

As we are starting small, we could not do this without the help of many friends, who tried and tried our recipes and gave their precious contributions with ideas, critiques and support. We will be forever grateful for that, so thank you very much: Adriana, Ana Maria, Ana Paula, Antonino, Carolina, Cláudia, Cybelle, Cylene, Cynara, Handerson, Lila, Lucimara, Marcos, Maria, Marina, Marlene, Marta, Márua, Mauricéa, Mônica, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Raíssa, Raquel, Roberto, Rosana, Stella, Tânia and Zeca!